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Website Design

Some web site development firms don’t seem to think that looks and style are important to contribute to a good web site; we strongly disagree. Concept Envy’s design team strives to represent your company as one of the trendiest professional’s out there. That’s not to say we don’t leave the decision making up to you, it’s your web site, it should the look the way you want it to!

When designing a web site we take everything in account, your business image, your industry needs, and the importance of portraying your message and/or products in the most visually appealing aspects. Within the design process we will provide you with an assortment of
completely custom layouts built specifically for you. We give you the option to choose from a broad spectrum of design including everything from a conservative look, to a more
expressive example depending upon your requests. We lay it all out for you and then pin point all of the specifics with our one-on-one communication.