It’s no secret that American consumers have adopted an equation for their shopping success. For years “Form Over Function” had become the acceptable ‘norm from retail designers and product engineers alike. Brands and advertisers have set the bar for aesthetic appeal so high that we have sacrificed even the most basic function of products and


For Immediate Release: 09.24.2014 Concept Envy & Explicit Nutrition are teaming up to enhance EN’s presentation. “Explicit Nutrition has all the right components to be great, the industry needs to be aware they exist” sais Concept Envy founder and Creative Director, Zach Beaman. EN, or Explicit Nutrition, has found great success through grass roots marketing


Do you know anything about “data”? You should it knows a lot about you! Within the past year or so you have probably heard someone loosely use the term “data” or “big data” in reference to marketing, r&d, technology, development, or mass communications. The “data” that we are talking about is simply information. Okay so

TV Product Placement in Real Time

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Have you ever been home watching an episode of your favorite sitcom and seen a pair of shoes or even a piece of furniture that you had to have? Product placement is no new idea. Consumer brands, manufacturers, and distributors have all partaken in the old fashion idea that seeing is believing. What most may

Everybody’s a Consultant!

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Everybody’s A Consultant! It amazes me how many individuals and agencies claim the throne of consultant these days. More and more Linkedin profiles, website portfolios, and business cards are catching my eye when I glimpse over this self-given title. What is a consultant? What is so intriguing about the concept of this position? What business

More and more attention to digital ad viewability — including efforts to determine exactly where ads appear on the screen and whether anyone ever had a chance to see them –  is generating more and more questions among marketers. The issue is more relevant now than ever, as the Internet Advertising Bureau helps advance replacing our industry

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For Immediate Release: 06/06/2013 Source: Concept Envy Shawn Hilbert | Copywriter URL: (262) 446-4623 Press Release: Concept Envy is Creative Ambition Concept Envy, a creative agency founded in 2008 by two young entrepreneurs of Milwaukee, WI celebrates five successful years of excellent business. Founding partners Zach Beaman the creative director and Migueal Lockhart

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